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My name is Boris Garreau, founder and CEO of The Project Room. I am also Collector & IG blogger.

Thank you for joining me today.


Why Art & Me ?

I deeply believe that Art connects people.

Art is also a family DNA. 


What i feel | My Vision

👉🏻  We are living a new phase to access to the most elitist things, art is a part of it. I have been working in art field since 12 years. Opening a locked door to a new audience, through my direct and live vision of contemporary art, is my way to inspire all to see more beautiful, original and unique things – artworks – in their daily lives. This is my goal.


I operate in auctions Houses, art fairs, institutions and art galleries with a keen focus on artlovers seeking new avenues. I also do all my best to help artists by connecting them with my network, finding space or funding for an exhibition, etc….

The Project Room

Is a platform for multidisciplinary practices, some yet emerging.  Including ICTs [information and communication technologies].



我认为我们正在经历一种道德上的变化,即高度真实性,模仿以及最接近最精英主义事物的透明度。艺术是其中的一部分。因此,以简单直接的方式向人们和新艺术投资者开启一个灵感领域,分享见解,我自己的视觉效果和当代艺术的愿景 – 作品和生活 – 是我目前的目标。



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